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Thank you for considering adopting from us!

The adoption process is not one that we can rush.  The decision to adopt an animal is a commitment that can last 15-20 years.  Our goal is to place animals with a family where the animal will be happy, cared for, loved and able to live their best life.  We appreciate your patience as we assist you with adding a fur baby to your family.

Adoption Process


You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a cat or kitten. The adoption process consists of your completion of an adoption application, our review of the application, contacting relevant references, verifying the application information, and then contacting you with a decision about approval. Please note that this process may take up to seven days so your patience is appreciated as we receive many applications each day and have many animals to care for.  When your references respond in a timely manner, the process moves along quicker.  Please be sure to let your references know they will be contacted by a member of our team.

Once the application is approved, the applicant is contacted to arrange a meet and greet at the foster’s home.  ALL members of the household (excluding pets) are required to attend the meet and greet. After the meet and greet if all are in agreement the cat is a good match for your family, you will have the option to adopt the cat. You will be required to read and sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. 


Fees will generally be $150 per cat/ $225 for 2 cats. Each animal is unique and their fees may vary. See each pet’s profile for the adoption fee.


Additional Information


We understand the desire to meet our animals as soon as possible. Because we operate entirely out of foster homes, we need to limit pet visitation to approved applicants only. Once your application is completed by you and approved by Finally Home Animal Rescue, we will be glad to schedule your visit.


When you meet the animal, the Finally Home Animal Rescue foster parent and applicant will make a determination if it is a match. If it is a good match, you are welcome to adopt the animal at that time. You are NEVER obligated to adopt the animal. If it is a match, it is then your decision whether to adopt.  

Finally Home Animal Rescue has the right to deny an adoption  to anyone for any reason at any time in the process.


​We do not have a policy about ages of children, the determination is case-by-case. We love children and animals together. However, we DO expect that all children will be respectful, gentle and kind to the animals and be supervised by the adult in the family, closely supervised if the children are very young.


While we do welcome out-of-state applicants, we highly encourage you to look around at your local shelters to see what they may have to offer before contacting us.


We do not “ship” our animals.

After the Adoption


If you are approved and adopt, you will be expected to let us know how your new family member settles in. Of course, we hope that you will always maintain communication with us, as we are always available to help and/or hear the “tails” of your furry family members.

Foster parents enjoy hearing how their former fosters are doing at their forever home.


Even after adoption, our commitment to the animal does not end.  If the adopter has questions, needs advice about a behavior or care, we are here.  The adopter can always reach out to a member of our team. 


​If for some reason you can no longer care for your animal, you are REQUIRED to contact us. We make a lifetime commitment to all of our animals. We take this commitment seriously. We expect to have the animals returned to us should the adopter not be able to keep care for the animal.  Be it five days, 5 years, etc from the adoption date, we are here for the animal if the need arises. If you need to re-home your animal and you know of someone who is interested, we ask you to still contact us so that we may be part of the process. You may never turn your animal over to a shelter, unless required to do so by law.

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